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Review: HP MediaSmart Connect

Ben Drawbaugh of Engadget HD reviews the new HP MediaSmart Connect.  The HP MediaSmart Connect is a Windows Media Center extender.  With a price of $350 is wouldn’t be my first choice as an extender but it does offer the MediaSmart UI if you like that.  Overall the review by Ben wasn’t that impressive.  Some […]

Intelliremote Controls HTPC from your iPhone

Intelliremote is an application for the iPhone of iPod touch.  It allows you to control any application on a Windows machine.  This means you can use it with SageTV, Windows media Center and MediaPortal.  The program itself is available on the Apps store for free.  The software for the Windows computer will cost you $24.  […]

Unbox of the Popcorn Hour B-110

Crave unboxed the new Popcorn Hour B-110.  I posted about the release of the B-110 here.   The B-110 is a mini-ITX board that will allow you to add it to your own case to build your own system.  They have some info on the B-110 but mostly it’s some really nice pictures of the […]

Build Your Own HDTV Antenna

OTA HDTV anteannas can cost a lot of money.  And if you have searched around for one you probably noticed that they get mixed reviews, mostly becuase of the area you are in.  Antennas are in different directions and different distances.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money follow this guide on […]

Build Your Own Home Theater Speakers

I had my powered sub go out on me a couple of months ago.  The foam surround broke apart from old age.  It’s a older Kenwood SW-300 with a 10″ ported sub.  I have been very happy with this sub and very surprised I didn’t blow it to pieces when I was younger. I was […]

Tech Behind the Opening Ceremonies

I was very impressed with the Opening Ceremony a few nights ago.  The thing that amazed me the most was the amount of performers and how in sync they were.  The perfect circles to the people inside the boxes.  I was also very interested in all that technology.  Xinhuanet has some cool details on what […]