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HP MediaSmart Connect Review

Chris Lanier has Part 1 of a 3 part review of the HP MediaSmart Connect up on his site.  The review has a ton of information about the unit.  The one thing that people overlook is the HP MediaSmart Connect can do more than just act as a Media Center extender.  It can act as […]

Ten Reasons Why Vista Isn’t That Bad

Gizmodo gives 10 reason why Windows Vista isn’t that bad.  I really never thought Vista was that bad to begin with.  Their number 10 was Vista is fast if you have enough RAM.  I have been saying that since it came out, minimum of 2GB of memory to run it.  I think one of Microsofts […]

Google Media Server Brings Desktop Content to Your TV

Google Media Server is an application that brings your digital media to your TV. It uses Google Desktop Search to locate files on your computer and UPnP devices to see the content. So things like Set Top Boxes, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 can see the content on your computer. I did install the program […]

X-oom Media Center for Wii

X-oom Media Center for Wii is a web based Media Center.  While being similar to Orb, it has an advantage in that it is optimized to be used with the Wiimote.  From the screen shot above you can see that the interface is cleanly laid out so you can navigate around.  X-oom Media Center for […]

Vista Media Center gets NBC Olympics on the Go

Vista Media Center is getting NBC Olympics on the Go.  NBC has teamed up with TVTonic to provide coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics.  Now TVTonic has to be installed so make sure you get it installed before the Olympics start.  Even though you should already have it installed on your Windows Media Center. (via […]

Boxee is XBMC with a Fresh Look

Boxee is XBMC with a new look and some social features.  I have been trying to get in on the closed alpha but haven’t had any luck.  Right now the program is for OS X but they have plans to bring it to Linux and Windows. Some of the social features are it will share […]