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Alienware High Definition Media Server

We Got Served got their hands on the Alienware High Definition Media Server. This is one expensive Windows Media Center but does have a lot of options. The price starts at $7000 so it isn’t for everyone. But if you have a rack in your house you probably won’t complain about the price tag. The […]

Videos of Google Android in Action

Android Community has a lot of videos of Google’s Android running in full screen.  Android is still in testing but from the videos it looks like Android is moving along quite nicely.  I agree with some of the comments that the iPhone should look out. And the reason I think that is because android is […]

Netflix Watch Now on 4 plus Computers

Netflix’s Watch Now has a limitation of only being used by 3 computers. That can be changed by a simple registry hack. Tech-Recipes has the step by steps to get it done. It even has pictures for those that haven’t been to the registry much. And really 3 computers isn’t all that many. This will […]

Help Get Me Microsoft Beta Invites

photo credit: colinrego I’m sure someone that visits my blog can help get me in on Microsoft’s new betas. I’m talking Windows 7, new Media Center and DirecTV tuners. I use to get all the good stuff when I applied with my work email. Now that I used my personal email account I haven’t gotten […]

Windows 7 Multi-Touch Video

Windows 7 multi-touch video is out now. The video is below. Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7 (via windowsvistablog)

aTV Opens AppleTV To So Much More

The AppleTV has always impressed me with how well it does what it does. With that said it is still missing a lot of things that could make it by far the best extender/media player out there. That is additional format support for other file types then just Apple’s and also a web browser. aTV […]