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AM21 for DirecTV is Available

The AM21 is available for users that have the HR21.  The AM21 is a OTA HD tuner.  DirecTV didn’t add antenna hookup to the HR21 so people that couldn’t get local HD were stuck with SD.  I am one of those people that lost local HD by switching to DirecTV.  I have added the AM21 […]

Music Through a Cell Phone on My Car Stereo

I wanted to share something that I thought was pretty cool that happened this afternoon.  My girlfriend and I were headed up to eat when I started singing a song.  It wasn’t on the radio, it was just one of those that pop into your head.  So we figured out what song it was and […]

Win a HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook

I wanted to point everyone to a giveaway that’s going on. It’s not just one HP HDX Dragon up for grabs. There is 31 sites giving away these laptops. That means lots of chances for you and me to win. These laptops are big and powerful. Visit Ian Dixon’s blog for details on the one […]

MacBook Air Parady, Lenovo X300

I thought this was worth a share. While the MacBook Air does have some drawbacks I would still take one over a Think Pad. (via Gizmodo)

SageTV HD Media Extender Review

I have went back and forth about SageTV in the past. One thing I really liked about them is their extender prices start out where they should, at $199 for the HD. The software isn’t that much either. Crunch Gear has a review of the SageTV HD media extender. Pros * Great picture quality * […]

Get DVDs to Play on Your Media Center Extender has a post that shows you step-by-step how to get DVDs to play on your Windows Media Center.  People have been wanting to do this since the Xbox 360 first came out.  I thought Microsoft would eventually release the ability but it was the wonderful users that came through.