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Xoopit for gmail I have been playing around with Xoopit for gmail. Xoopit is a firefox plug-in to index your gmail messages for photos, videos and files. It takes awhile to index, I have 5000 emails, but what it has listed so far seems very helpful. There are things in my email that I completely forgot I […]

Lifextender Updated to

I posted about Lifextender back in January. Since that release in January there has been two updates this month with lots of bug fixes and some new features. Below is what was fixed. – 3/5/2008 * Fixed issue a queuing when ‘Remove duplicate shows’ is enabled * Fixed issue with shortcut in Programs menu […]

Are You Using Your Surround Sound Speakers?

Sound and Vision has a post about the number of people that don’t hook up their surround (rear) speakers. 50% of people don’t hook up their surround sound speakers. But when asked what other reasons motivated them to buy, the top-ranked responses (aside from brand) were “all-in-one convenience” (cited by 50% of respondents), “less clutter” […]

HP update on Windows Home Server Data Corruption bug

We Got Served talked to HP MediaSmart team regarding the data corruption bug on Windows Home Server. HP has been in close communication with Microsoft on the Windows Home Server data corruption issue. There are two points to remember: we are only aware of a small percentage of customers with confirmed instances of the issue, […]

Fiji Media Center Beta getting closer

Chris Lanier is reporting that some Green Button members are receiving their invitations through connect.  I registered in April to test it out and I haven’t heard anything.  This is supposed to be a big update to Windows Media Center.  I’m waiting for my invitation Microsoft.  I really want the DirecTV support everyone thinks is […]

HP’s Little Linux Media Vault

The HP Media Vault is a Linux based NAS that has a lot of options. Gizmodo already has their hands on one and posted a review tonight.  It comes with a 500GB hard drive and one removable slot, unlike the Windows Home server that starts with 500GB and has 3 removable drives.  One of the […]