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Hymn gets Cease and Desist from Apple got a Cease and Desist letter from Apple. This really bothers me for a number of reasons. Apple’s iTunes store is now number 2 in the US. But there product is locked in so you have to use their players to play the music you purchased. The Hymn Project didn’t do anything but open […]

MyNetflix v2.1 beta released

The biggest change in this release is full screen viewing of “watch now” in Media Center. That is a big improvement. This plug-in is becoming a must have for Netflix subscribers. The full list of updates and fixes below. Enhancements: Enhanced the “Watch Now” feature to play the media in full screen mode Added support […]

3 part Linksys Media Center Extender Review

Chris Lanier has written a 3 part view of the Linksys Media Center Extender. He used the Linksys DMA2200. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the review. This review was very well done. It starts out with the unboxing and he goes into detail about the equipment he uses. One think I really […]

HD-DVD a good buy

I have been recommending HD-DVD drives lately to people. Some people question why I would recommend something that is officially dead. Well the reason is it still plays regular DVDs. Don’t think of it as a Hi-Def player but as a nice upconvert DVD player that you get a few Hi-Def disks for free. With […]

RSS feeds now working?

I’m not sure if anyone else has been getting a refresh of their rss feeds every time I post, but I have been.  I think I have it fixed now.  It was an error in one of the posts which was taking out the entire feed.   If your having more issues please don’t unsubscribe, please […]

More bugs with Windows Home Server

Microsoft has released another KB with an update to the data corruption bug. The KB article can be found here. I have reconsidered recommending this product to everyone. It doesn’t mess up computer backups but I know most people, including myself, really like the fact that you can work directly off of the server just […]