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I purchased Windows Home Server

I went back and forth about either buying a pre-built Windows Home Server or buying just the Windows Home Server license. I picked just the license and I feel I made a good choice. Below are some of the pros and cons of going with a pre-built system vs. building your own. For the pre-built […]

Video: Cutting Edge PCs HD-DVD/Blu-Ray HTPC

Cutting Edge PCs build some very nice home theater computers. They had a HTPC at CES that plays both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. There is a video below of them at CES. (via Ian Dixon)

Interested in the Linksys Media Center extenders?

There are a couple of threads going on over at The Green Button with lots of information about the two Linksys Media Center Extenders. People that have them are sharing their experiences and answering questions that people have. Before you buy I one I would suggest heading over there and reading through the threads. The […]

Video: Samsung Media Center Extender

Ian Dixon has a video of the new Samsung Media Center Extender. The Samsung extender is different than the others because it requires a Samsung TV to use it. But if your looking to buy a new TV it might be worth picking up the extender for an extra $199. (via Ian Dixon)

Why I’m leaving iTunes

I have been using iTunes to purchase all my music since it was first announced. I have spent some time lately deciding if I want to continue using the service or move on. As you can tell by the title I have decided to leave the service. Below are the reasons for my decision. 1. […]

Lifextender for Windows Media Center Lifextender scans your recorded shows folder and analyzes each file for commercials. It then strips the commercials and replaces the old file with the commercial free file. This will take a 30 minute show to around 22 minutes. I have had mixed results with commercial editing software. Most of the time it works fairly […]