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Windows Home Server currupts files

This has been spreading around the internet the last few days. Lots of major sites have covered it. I hope that Microsoft gets a fix out soon since it affects so many programs. The issue is if you edit files directly from the Windows Home Server they become corrupt with certain programs. The easiest fix […]

MP3Tunes for the Wii MP3Tunes you can now access your MP3’s on the Wii. You do have to use the music locker service provided by MP3Tunes though. There was a client created for the Wii using MP3Tunes open API. If your interested in other ways to get content to your Wii check out this previous post. (via Digital […]

V2 Media Center Extenders are arriving The second version of Windows media center extenders are showing up at people’s houses. Eb Bott recieved his already and has some additional info about it. The one feature I like is speed. It takes 10-12 seconds to go from pushing the power button to the Media Center interface. That is something that people […]

Christmas Lights to music 2007

I posted some videos last year of Christmas lights synced to music. I wanted to do it again this year. These videos are from YouTube. Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The videos are below. [youtube=″>

TVease no longer has filed for bankruptcy. I posted about them back in January. Below is from their site. We apologize but is no longer incorporated. We have filed bankruptcy as a company. I do sincerely apologize to everyone that wanted a machine from us. We tried our absolute best to meet all orders. In the […]

New Life to Old Gadgets

LifeHacker has a nice post of things to do with your older gadgets. I found this very useful since I have lots of old gadgets and no money for new ones. I blame my new house for no money but I had to build the new house to store all my old gadgets. But check […]