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Review: hField Wi-Fire I said that I bought the wi-fire for my sister so she could get internet. I have tested it out and overall I’m really happy with the results. It about tripled the wireless range on my sisters Dell Inspiron 1420. Read below for more information. First thoughts:When I first opened it I thought it […]

Windows Media Center SDK 5.3 is out!36983156CAA83EA9!2514.entry The new version of Windows Media Center SDK is available. The new features are below. MCML Preview Tool Automation Model An improved automation model allows a tools developer to load an MCML file, refresh the current view, and close or get the position and size of the current instance. New command-line switches specify a […]

Silent HTPC with water

One of the biggest problems with hooking up a computer to your TV is noise. If you need your HTPC to really push out that HD content then you are going to need some nice parts inside. But all those nice components put out heat, and to remove the heat you need fans. There is […]

New ATI drivers for MCE and Vista MC

ATI has the new Catalyst display drivers for Windows Media Center 2005 and Vista. Lots of things were fixed so I would suggest upgrading. Below are the download links. For Windows Media Center 2005 For Windows Vista (via mceworld)

Review: MediaGate MG-350HD

Last100 has reviewed the MediaGate MG-350HD. MediaGate is a sponsor so lets hope the review isn’t to bias which after reading it I don’t think it is. They do mention a lot of the MediaGates features but it looks like it isn’t all there, especially against the AppleTV. I posted about the MG-350HD with a […]

Wi-Fire now vista compatible’m not sure if everyone has heard of the Wi-Fire yet. If you haven’t, it is a wireless antenna that has a 1000 foot range to pick up more wireless connections. It is now compatible with Windows Vista but also works with Mac. My sister lives just outside of the schools wifi network. So instead […]