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EMUCenter 0.5.0 available!36983156CAA83EA9!2412.entry EMUCenter is an emulator for Windows Media Center. It allows you to launch those arcade games from media center.

xbox 360 IPTV coming Microsoft has confirmed that the screen shots of IPTV for the xbox 360 are real. This is great news for xbox 360 owners. They did say that it will not be for the fall update though and it is up to the service providers to offer it. Lets all hope we get to enjoy […]

mythbuntu 7.10 hits 20,000 downloads I posted about Mythbuntu a few days ago. In one week there have been over 20,000 downloads. Now that doesn’t compare to Leopard but that is really good for a free media center. I haven’t tried out the new version yet as my test machines are being packed up for my move. I would […]

Halloweeen lights synced to music 2007

Halloween is fast approaching. I posted a video last Halloween and I posted some for Christmas. This is a collection of Halloween lights synced to music for 2007. I’m sure I missed some and there are a few houses that had a bunch of songs. If you want one added just email me or leave […]

Netflix confirms set-top-box dreams

There have been rumors going around the Netflix is working on a set-top-box. While the box isn’t here yet they do have dreams of getting their rental service to set-top-boxes, xbox 360s, and PS3s. Our goals in online video over the coming years are three-fold: one, to expand the content we offer online; two, to […]

Windows Home Server Demo

Windows Home Server Microsoft has put together a interactive demo of Windows Home Server. With all this talk of Leopard and Time Machine it makes me want to get my Windows Home Server up and running even more.