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Microsoft Needs to Standardize

Chris Lanier has a nice post on the need for Microsoft to standardize format/codec support across platforms. If you use xbox 360, zune, and windows media center you know what he means. It’s all about products that are created by Microsoft that don’t work with each other. It doesn’t make sense. Below is a chart […]

Version 2 of the Media Center Extender

I have lots to say about the extenders and most of it isn’t good. I have been waiting for these to come out for a long time now. And with the announcement of the specs I was really happy. But when the prices were released I was shocked. Someone messed up big time when they […]

Dell Inspiron M1420

I’ll stick with the Dell theme for one more post. I posted about Dell and the delays with the new laptops. I finally got the one I ordered. I give a lot of credit to Dell during this process. They were behind in shipments because of the colors they claim. Usually to get caught up […]

Dell XPS M1330

I had the chance to play around with the Dell XPS M1330. This is one really nice laptop. We went with black so it wouldn’t take so long to arrive, and the black and sliver look just fine. The laptop is very light even with the 9-cell battery we added. It looks impressive just sitting […]

Review: EOS Wireless had the chance to play around with the EOS Wireless ipod speaker system. I have lots of pictures below of what comes in the box. I was surprised when I opened it by the small size of the speaker system. You can really put the speakers about anywhere you want and they won’t get […]

WebGuide for Windows Media Center Microsoft has acquired WebGuide to add more functionality to it’s Media Center software. This is a good buy for Microsoft because the WebGuide software adds many great features that an HTPC enthusiast wants. They took a trick from Google and decided that sometimes it’s easier to buy a great piece of software instead of […]