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Review: Gyration Media Center Remote

Gyration Media Center remote is a nice remote for the media center. One of the reasons why is it has Gyroscopic Motion-Sensing technology. This means you can move the mouse around on the screen by just moving the remote. This is the same remote that the Alienware Hangar18 comes with. CyberNetNews has a nice review […]

TuneView Remote for iTunes

Keyspan has released the TuneView iTunes remote. This is a very cool idea for a remote. It allows you to control iTunes from up-to 100 feet away. That should allow you to control itunes anywhere in your house. It features a LCD screen, 10 buttons, receiver and menus that look like the ipod menus. It […]

ATI Catalyst 7.7 is available

So I haven’t went through and updated my computer in awhile so I missed that the update came out. It does have some fixes and a few improvements. The new features are listed below. Check out the link below for all the details. New Catalyst™ Control Center Avivo features Catalyst™ 7.7 releases a number of […]

Review: Thermaltake LANBox HT for one really like Thermaltake cases. They make huge cases with great cooling. I personally have a armor series case. The LANBbox HT is a small square case that can be used as a HTPC or a small desktop computer. Click the link for lots of pictures and a nice write-up of features and […]

Windows Home Server available on 8/27/07 According to Microsoft’s Support Lifecycle, Windows Home Server will be available on August 27th 2007. Companies probably won’t release their products that day but you might be able to pick it up at your favorite online retailer.

A letter to Dell Computer

Hey Dell, I hear you have some cool new laptops available. The XPS M1330, the Inspiron 1520 and the Inspiron 1420. The best part about these new laptops are they come in colors. Colors are so cool, I am a red guy. You can even get the LED backlight on the M1330 if you want. […]