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Stream media to a PS3 from a Mac you want to turn your PS3 into a media center extender you can. The directions above are how to stream content to your PS3 from a Mac. The directions are easy to follow with screen shots but it is long. Below are the supported file systems on the PS3. Photos* JPEG (DCF 2.0/Exif 2.21 […]

iPhone as an XBMC remote haven’t used XBMC but the people that have seem to really like it. Well with this iPhone app you can control your XBMC. The features for the program are listed below. Current Features * Transport controls, including pause/play, next/previous track in playlist, and volume controls. * Automatic switching between file browsing mode and transport […]

Video: Ford Sync

I have mentioned ford sync before. It is an in-car entertainment system that allows you to speak what you want it to do. It also can read your text messages and integrate with your MP3 player. There is now a video of it in action. Check it out below.

Review: Vista View Saber DA-1N1-I

I talked about this card before. Chris Lanier had a chance to play around with the new card. Again the best part about this card is it has a built in analog and digital tuner. The pros are below: Pros * One PCI slot give you dual tuners * Combo tuner (analog and digital at […]

One Voice Wireless Voice Control One Voice Wireless microphone allows you to speak to your media center. You can play music, watch tv, and even send email all with your voice. The wireless microphone will work up to 30 meters. The microphone will also work with skype in media center.

VME for Media Center VME allows you stream xvid and divx to your xbox 360 and media center extender. It does have a long list of other possibilities highlighted below. # Convert and/or stream your DivX/XviD to WMV: Ideal if you need to view your video on a Media Center Extender, Xbox 360 or PDA # Vista compatibility: […]