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Vista View dual tuner card

We are going to start seeing a lot more of the dual tuner cards. This one by Vista View has Analog and Digital capabilities. It is also in a low profile for better air circulation. Check out the Key features below. You can buy one for around $99. Vistaview Saber DA-1N1-I Combo Analog/Digital PCI TV […]

stream iTunes over the internet

Simplify Media allows you to stream your iTunes content over the network. It is free to download and install but there is a catch. You will be presented with links to download music. It’s not that annoying especially since you start a playlist and minimize. If you have been looking for a way to stream […]

iPhone virtual keyboard on the N800

This is cool. It’s the iPhone’s virtual keyboard on the Nokia N800. I can’t find where I packed my N800 or I would have this installed already instead of typing on here. Click here for the website with the files to install. via intomobile

Control itunes from your iphones an iPhone? I don’t. But if you did you could use it to control your itunes. I’m not about singling anyone out so I’ll let you know it works with pocket pc too. Signal turns your iPhone or Pocket PC into an advanced wireless remote control for iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player. Control […]

Anti-Wii song

I’m a big fan of the Wii but I still like a good video.

xbox 360 and CinemaNow

You can now access CinemaNow movies on your xbox 360. They updated the Media Manager software to allow this. CinemaNow video downloads are now directly accessible by networked Xbox 360™ users, and its Burn-to-DVD service is now compatible with Windows Vista™ users worldwide. CinemaNow is a service that allows you to buy/rent movie and TV […]