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Asus DAV Center A33

Not to be outdone by Alienware, Asus is going to release the DAV Center A33. While I don’t think that the Asus has as much punch as the Hangar18 it is still a very nice system that has some great features. It has a 1080p output, HDMI, and built-in amplifier. The price is considerably cheaper […]

Alienware Hangar18

It’s taken me some time to actually write about this computer. The Hangar18 is exactly what other media centers need to be. It is a all in one unit that even my parents could hook up. It is a nice sleek design and even has controls right on the front. The starting price of $2000 […]

EOS wireless now shipping! New products on the way?

I posted about EOS wireless in January. The product is now shipping and reviews are showing up on their site. The product looks really promising, but I haven’t personally used it. A user posted a comment on my original post yesterday about new products coming out including outdoor speakers and an independent audio transmitter. The […]

Leopard 10.5 demo videos

These are some sweet videos of the new features in Mac 10.5 (Leopard). I wasn’t that thrilled with Safari for Windows, but I am really excited about getting the full version of 10.5 on my MacBook Pro. There are 15 videos below that are labeled so you will know what you see. UPDATE: Sorry the […]

old xbox, new appleTV interface Turn your original xbox into a AppleTV look alike. It has happened and looks good. Now you have something to do with that old xbox that is collecting dust. You have to have a modded xbox for this to work. Check out the videos below. Click here for the full instructions. [youtube=”>

Drobo: a better way to store data

I want one. I have 100s of GB of data and this is something I could use to store all my data in a safe place. It is easy to use and expand storage as your needs grow. The price is $499 but that doesn’t include hard drives. Expensive yes, but what you get with […]