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eyeTV 2.4 contols set-top boxes I don’t know how I missed this with the new version of eyeTV. The new eyeTV 2.4 software has support of set-top boxes. This is good news as more and more people switch to HD programming that require such boxes to receive the signals. It is only supported in the US. If anyone has […]

10 things to completing a Home Theater

Electonic House 10 steps to planning and completing a home theater. Every home theater will very in design and time spent, but this is a very nice list before starting your home theater project. From the article: Phase 1: DesignThe most important step of a home theater is a good design. You’ll need to decide […]

Dish Network HD receiver for two rooms

Dish NetworkDish Networks VIP622 will allow you to view HD content as well as be a DVR in two rooms. They also have the VIP which will do two rooms but one room will be in standard definition and doesn’t include the option for DVR. If your serious about your HDTV and need DVR functionality […]

CenterSage v0.6.2 available CenterStage for Mac is updated to v0.6.2. I haven’t installed it yet but plan too. The fixes and updates are listed below. Fixed Bugs * [CS-29] – Music module doesn’t find custom location of iTunes Library * [CS-81] – Music module scanns to long for cover art inside of mp3 files, makes musicmodule unusable […]

Recent SilverStone HTPC cases

SilverStone has released a few new HTPC cases in the past couple of months. If you haven’t heard of SilverStone they make some very heavy duty HTPC cases for any application. My first nice HTPC case was a SilverStone and after I got it I realized why they cost more, quality construction. Check out the […]

Review: EyeTV 2.4

I was holding off posting anything about the new EyeTV 2.4 update because I wanted to install it on my Mini and play around. But I haven’t had time for that so I wanted to provide everyone with a nice review of the software. Check out the link below for all the details.