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Orb on the N800 You want your media on your N800 and you can connect it to the internet. Try out Orb. Orb provides software for web based transfer of digital files. They have a N800 installer. Click here for the installer. I haven’t installed it on mine yet but plan to tomorrow and give it a try. […]

Mac Mini as a media server Here is a nice part 1 of how to setup your Mac Mini as a media server. This article is only for people with the Intel Mac Mini’s but it’s really easy to follow.

Home Server Beta/CTP The new version of Home Server is out. I got my downloads today but I haven’t installed them unit. Paul Thurrott’s site has a lot more pictures and some more information on the new version. It is suppose to be a almost full retail release. Which is good since the beta I was running […]

FM Radio on the N800: update

I talked about how to enable FM radio on the Nokia N800 on this post. I just wanted to update everyone since I am still getting visitors to the post. There is no need to go through all the trouble. There is now a installer that will do everything for you. Click this link on […]

MediaFork for Windows beta I talked about MediaFork for Mac. Now there is a beta for Windows. I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll try to rip a movie this weekend. If it works like it does on the Mac then it will be a great program to add to your Windows computer. I talked about mediafork before here.

Niveus CableCard Hands-On While this is way out of my price range I love the possibilities of CableCard. This hands-on by Gizmodo is great. And just remember that all new technology is expensive. Just look at DVD players and how much they use to go for, and now you can get them for $30. And another comparison […]