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Windows Vista Media Center Review This is a very nice review of Windows Vista Media Center. He waited until he used the system for awhile to write the review. I really like his setup. MCE computer with 3 xbox 360s. That would be my ideal setup. He isn’t using the DVR functionality on a day to day basis. I […]

Circle Vista icons everywhere

People that have been using Windows Vista know that the start menu is a circle and not a square like it use to be. But the circle doesn’t stop with Vista OS. It is on new keyboards, and Media Center remotes. I’m not sure anyone cares but it must there to show people that the […]

Gyration Media Center Remote Have you ever been watching your Windows Media Center and the cursor pops up in front of the menus? This usually happens to me when updates come up on the computer. This remote will allow you to move the cursor out of the way or close annoying boxes that come up. I feel the […]

AppleTV hard drive upgrade I read about this early today that some guy put a 120GB hard drive in his AppleTV but he didn’t have directions on how to do it. Engadget put a 80GB hard drive in theirs with directions on how to do it. So yesterday when I posted about the hard drive limitation of AppleTV […]

Deauthorize once a year

I’m unsure why they have this rule. I have more than 5 computers that’s why I have to deauthorize all the time. But for the life of me I can’t find the 5th computer on my account. So what do I do? I wait until July 11th, 2007. I searched Apple’s site to make sure […]

AppleTV vs. xbox 360 Apple TV vs xbox 360. This is a nice comparison of the two. I am happy that he said both are easy as pie to setup. People have long hated MCE for complications with setting it up. But try MCE 2005 and xbox 360 and it really just works. Read the link for more […]