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Anti-PS3 Video This video is really good. It is a anti PS3 video. Well worth the 3 minutes out of my life. Also I saw this video over at CrunchGear. If you don’t visit that site you should. They have some cool gadget stuff on there. And no I don’t work for them. Um, Um, Um, […]

s1digital Proline Series I’ll dream here for a bit. These computers are nice. Wouldn’t it be nice to afford one of these computers. I don’t know how you would choose. If I had that much money I might as well buy both. If your in the market for a high end media center server then check […]

PCTV to Go HD Wireless It works with media center. It allows remote scheduling. It allows over the internet watching. Seems like a good deal for $250. It connects to an antenna, set-top box, or cable. Click here for the Pinnacle page with more info on the Go HD Wireless.

HDHomeRun Watch TV over the network with the HDHomeRun. It is compatible with VLC, MythTV, and SageTV. Windows media center support is coming soon according to the article. The price is reasonable so if your building a cheaper MythTV or SageTV box then this device might be something your interested in.

Another Review: Velocity Micro CineMagix Grand Theater This media center is making it’s rounds around the Internet. A lot of people are writing good reviews about it. I posted one from CNet here a couple of weeks ago. This review is from CNN. It does have an expensive price tag but you have to consider what you are getting. Your getting […]

IPTV for the Xbox 360 IPTV for the xbox 360 is suppose to be shown next month. It is suppose to take place on March 5 – 7 in London. This could mean that the service is getting close to being released. Now I’m one that is still waiting for the price drop on the 360 but if I […]