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Your Vista Score

Lifehacker and Gizmodo posted their Windows Vista score. So I thought I would post mine. This is my work computer. Pentium D, 3GB of memory, 160GB hard drive. The graphics card is what’s hurting me. Since it’s my work computer and I don’t play games for a living I couldn’t get away with ordering anything […]

Before you buy Vista OEM I posted a link here about selling Vista Ultimate for $199. There are probably things you should now about that $199 price tag. It is an OEM version of Vista. Not everyone knows what OEM is and what the limitations are. Arstechnica has a post of exactly what OEM is and the limitations. […]

Which Windows Vista are you? Paul Thurrott has a very nice post on determining which version of Windows Vista is right for you. I wont go into detail on his thoughts. But if your thinking about upgrading to Vista or buying a new machine because of Vista read the post. He has it broken down into pros and cons […]

Microsoft Fanboy contest Gizmodo has a contest where you can win some cool Microsoft products. This includes Vista Ultimate and Office 2007. The above picture is what I decided to submit. I thought about loading up over 100 laptops into XP but I thought the iMacs running Windows looked a little better. I’m just a lucky guy […]

Edit Vista Recordings with Movie Maker Lifehacker has a post about using movie maker in windows vista to edit your recordings. This is a good thing if you want to record an entire season and edit it for DVD backup. Since I don’t have vista yet at home I’ll keep everyone posted on tips around the Internet.

Vista media center commercial skip Over at missing remote there is a post about how to fix commercial skip in Windows Vista. Most people that used MCE 2005 regularly had this installed on their machine. Now you can have it if you have upgraded to vista. He even has directions on how to get it to work with an […]