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Linux HTPC I post a lot about Microsoft and Mac products but I wanted to share something with the Linux people out there. The article is a little old but it was updated recently with info on dual core processors. It goes through step by step on system requirements and what you will need to get […]

Mac Mini in your car, not that unreasonable If your like me then you have thought about putting a computer in your car. Well this guy put a computer in his Subaru. He has a break down of price and it isn’t that much. At least I thought it was reasonable. He even has a list of the software needed. He has […]

Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home

Well this was an interesting Christmas this year. I didn’t think the Wii was that cool so I decided not to try to get one on release day. But I was wrong really wrong. After hearing a few people talk about it I wanted one. But I wasn’t the only one, my girlfriend really wanted […]

Turn your Wii or PS3 into Media Center Extender Well since the site here is suppose to focus on multimedia I have a product here for you. Red Kawa is offering media center software for the Wii and PS3. Both are in early stages but it should be interesting to see what happens. Since I haven’t spent the money on a Xbox 360, […]

Newegg warehouse Well if your like me and order a lot of stuff from NewEgg then you will like the article. It is pictures of the California warehouse. It also has some interesting info and some info about switching to UPS. I liked to read that their internal goal is to have packages to the customer […]

Stop P2P with P2P

The RIAA is suing everybody it can. Spending millions just to make a point. But what’s the point when you can just make P2P useless. The idea behind P2P is that you can quickly search for a song and there you go. Most users click the first one that has the correct title and download […]