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Media Center Video Surveillance Want a Media Center video surveillance system? It works with IP based cameras. If I really needed a way to monitor my house it might be worth the price. But for the people that do want home security I would check this out. Plus it works with Windows Media Center 2005. So you can […]

Any Video Converter If you are like me then you have tried lots of video conversion tools. I have told you about before. But Any Video converter is a free windows app. It supports lots of formats that Zam Zar doesn’t. If you need to convert formats give it a try.

Thanks Crunch Gear

I would like to say thanks to Crunch Gear for the T Mobile Dash. If you don’t remember check out this for the details. But anyway thanks.

DRM Dumpster

DRM Dumpster This is a Mac only program but it takes all the work out of converting your iTunes protected music and making them mp3s. You use a CD-RW and the program will burn, import, erase and repeat until all of your music is converted over. As most of you already know you will lose […]

Crunch Gear Dash contest

So I decided that I would enter the Crunch Gear Dash contest. There was only one entry so far and it ends on November 20th so it couldn’t hurt to try. Well if you like it share it. It would be nice to win the new t-mobile dash. You can download the nagging wife audio […]

DIY: $6 Projector Screen

Well I wanted to show my parents the possibilities of a projector system vs. standard TV. Well like most people’s house they don’t have a single white wall in the house. So I had to come up with something to show the movie on. I had a few ideas but what I decided on was […]