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Halloween geek style

Well just like Christmas we now have Halloween lights synced with music. It is pretty cool though. Above is a link to a computer made out of a pumpkin. It has the 2005 pumpkin and the 2006 pumpkin. Let me know if you find other good ones around the internet.

Mineral Oil computer still works Over at the mineral oil computer is still working. There is some more detail over there, including pictures and a video.

Reasons not to upgrade to Firefox 2 Well I guess I’m not the only one that’s having problems with Firefox 2. I have tested it on my Windows machine and it works fine. But I think that the new IE 7 is better. On my Mac Firefox 2 is useless. Certain websites will crash it, including some of Google’s sites. The […]

MCE meet iTunes Well having my iTunes music on my MCE is now possible. Using mcetunes you can sync your iTunes music with MCE. I haven’t tried this yet. I’m hoping to have it installed and tested this weekend. If others have used it let me know. I would love to hear what you think of it. […]

Firefox 2 crashes on my Mac

So I downloaded firefox 2 yesterday from Mozilla ftp servers. And since I downloaded it I have had nothing but problems. As you will note I said I downloaded it yesterday. I got the link to the FTP server from So I installed it and started to use it. But it wasn’t 5 minutes […]

Sony Blu-ray Media Center Trusted Reviews has a write up on the new Sony Vaio VGX-XL202 Media Center PC with Blu-ray Drive. Sony always does good design work on their computers. This computer is no exception. It would look really good in your stereo cabinet. But it’s not just about looks, it has a ton of features packed […]