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Mineral Oil Computer: What happened to it?

The mineral oil computer has been in storage for 5 months. The mineral oil is still in it and all the plexi is still in place. In the next month I will have to relocate the computer back into the house. So at that time I will answer all of those wonderful questions that people […]

Intel media case challenge Intel has a challenge where you need to design a multimedia PC case. Maybe I should design a new mineral oil computer for this? Well maybe 35 pounds of mineral oil is not what you want on top of your stereo receiver. But it would be cool if I had some extra money to […]

Multimedia PCs better than using a DVD player Article Slashdot story has a nice article on how a computer system (multimedia pc) is better for viewing DVDs than a DVD player. This is good news for us multimedia pc lovers out there. If more and more people would realize the potential of a multimedia pc than the manufactures of hardware and […]