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making your DVDs MCE ready

Well you have a MCE and you want your entire DVD collection on it. It’s really not that hard. And I’m going to explain how I set it up on my MCE 2005 machine with over 200 DVDs. Well the program I used is called Handbrake. I actually used a Mac Mini to convert all […]

multimedia pc cases

If your looking for a media center case take a look at silverstone. If you read my setup of MCE 2005 you would have read that I used a silverstone case. I have also recommended a few different models for others and everybody loves them. These cases are built to last. Heavy metal which dampends […]

Media Center Buying Guide article ABC news has a basic but good write up on buying a multimedia pc. For the people that are still questioning if they should get a media center pc the answer is yes. Read the article for some reasons why.

Putting a comptuer in your car This is a nice article about putting a computer system in your car. I wanted to do this a year or so ago but didn’t have the time. So for all of you wanting to do this check out the link.