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Multimedia Car project and GX150 wired into the TV

I started working on my two projects. I am about as far as I can go without spending money now. I took apart 3 old computers to create 1 nicer machine. It is running Windows 98 SE and has 128MB of memory. It will be fine to wire into a car for testing purposes. Now […]

New Project: Media Center 2005

I am going to start a new project soon. I have a Dell GX150 lying around so I am going to use it to test Media Center 2005 as part of a full house media experience. From my post about my Multimedia PC, I am not setting the GX150 up for storing or recording. I […]

Review: ATI AIW 9800 Pro

The ATI AIW 9800 Pro is the graphics card that I use in my current machine. I bought this card not only for multimedia applications but also to play games. This card is great for both. With games you don’t have to worry about looking at OK graphics. Go to the settings and turn everything […]

Review: VLC Media Player

VLC is a great program to play different types of movie files. With all these different file types out there it is nice to have a program that can play most of them. Another great thing about VLC is it’s free. It can be downloaded from here. I have never had a problem playing any […]

My Multimedia Machine

I wanted to post what my multimedia machine is. It is a machine that I built myself. It not only is my multimedia machine but it is also my main work machine. Multi purpose. Well here are the specs: P4 3.0GHz, 2GB of PC3200, 2 160 GB hard drives, 1 36GB Raptor Drive, ATI All […]