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Why Me?

Well I thought I better give people a better understanding of why they should come here and read my stuff. What makes me better then anybody else on the internet? Well nothing really. I just like to keep things simple. If something can’t be setup or wired easily then it is not going to attract […]

Review: iTunes

iTunes is a great program to organize all your music. It doesn’t matter if you are on a Mac or a PC. Earlier versions were kinda shaky on the PC but all the bugs have been worked out now. It also makes it really easy to share the music through out the entire house. Or […]

Brief explanation: Multimedia PC

What is a multimedia PC? I multimedia PC is a computer that stores and organizes all of your digital media. Digital media is your music, movies, home videos, recorded TV shows, and photos. This type of computer allows you to store and organize all of these different types of media in one place. Most people […]


This is a blog about my troubles and successes with Multimedia PCs. I am probably like the rest of the world, troubled with no real good solution. The market is going every which way. Every company is adding another format and no one wants to work together. Well here I just want to give my […]