20 Photoshop Alternatives On Photoshops 20th Birthday

To celebrate photoshop turning 20 I’m providing a list of 20 alternatives. I only included 2 paid apps, one for Windows and one for Mac. Happy Birthday Photoshop!

1. Picnik – Web-based photo editing. Connects with services like Picasa, Flickr and Facebook to grab your photos. There is a free account or a paid premium account.

2. Picasa Web – Free simple photo storing and editing. Powered by Google and is web-based.

3. Picasa 3 – Free program for Windows and Mac. It organizes photos and allows for simple editing.

4. Pixelmator – Cost $59 but is a great Mac program. More advanced features that compare well to photoshop.

5. Gimp – Works with Windows, Linux and Mac. It’s free and provides advanced features.

6. Paint.NET – Windows and free. Provides advanced features.

7. Phoenix – Free web-based photo editing. Provides basic editing with a hint of advanced features.

8. FotoFlexer – Web-based and free. Claims it’s the most advanced online image editor.

9. Pixlr – Web-based photo editing.

10. CinePaint – Mac and Linux open-source image editor.

11. Splashup – Web-based image editor. It’s free and connects to many different websites.

12. Krita – Available for Mac, Linux and Windows. More advanced, similar to GIMP.

13. Seashore – Mac image editor that is open-source.

14. Inkscape – For vector based graphics. Free and available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

15. iPhoto – Free with every Mac. Organizes and does minor photo editing.

16. Corel Paint Shop Pro – Windows and Cost $100. Provides some more advanced features over what some free version do.

17. FlauntR – Web-based photo editing. Many different options to choose from depending on what you want to do.

18. Windows Photo Gallery – Comes with Windows and allows for basic editing.

19. Paint – I have seen some amazing things done with Paint. I can just draw jagged lines.

20. Photoshop Express – It might still have photoshop in it’s name but it’s free and web-based.

I know there are more but I cut it down to 20 for their birthday. If you have more please let everyone know in the comments.

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