2 room MCE setup

Well I have been working on my Windows media center setup at home. I got a new Thermaltake Armor case that I wanted to use as the media center server. It has lots of room for hard drives to store all that digital media. Well let me get into the details. The server has an intel p4 3.0GHz, 2 GB DDR, 820GB of storage, and 37.5GB raptor drive for the system. The system works well for my main desktop and a media server. I also have a ATI AIW 9800 Pro for the tuner and a 5.1 channel audio.

Well I said two room so the second room is has a silverstone case. It is a AMD 2.0GHz processor, 1 GB of DDR, and 40GB hard drive. It has a hauppage tuner card, wireless G, and firewire ports. The ATI AIW use to be in this computer. I removed it and removed the hard drives to put in the server for one reason, heat. I also added a quite PSU. One thing your don’t want in your stereo rack is a noise computer. The 4 hard drives I had in there plus the ATI card where putting out too much heat so the fans were running at higher speeds. The silverstone case I have only has 60mm fans on the back, which are noisier then 80mm.

The silverstone case only has a 40GB hard drive but that’s not an issue since all the files are stored on the server. Since I don’t have a copy of Windows Home Server yet what you have to do is when you add media you add from a network computer. On the server just share your files. It’s really that easy. Recordings can be done on either computer. Now both computers record locally but both local recordings folder is shared between the two. Basically whatever one records the other can see. Now I could get into endless details about configuration but really it’s not hard. I choose to do the two computers vs. one computer and a extender because of the power of a computer. While extenders are good they don’t have all the features of a full MCE machine. Below are some pictures I took while I was setting it up.

Below are some pictures that I took of the setup. Also here is a link to the silverstone install I did awhile back: http://multimediapcs.blogspot.com/2006/01/media-center-2005-machine.html

Also I’m writing up a review for the Thermaltake case. So if your interested in that case check back for my opinion on it.

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